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2009-05-21 18:04 GMT   |   #1

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I've been a KDE user since forever, since I got my first computer in 2002. That was a good old KDE 3.0; I was happy with it and I continued to be happy until yesterday when I though I should give KDE 4 a try. It has been more than a year since the original 4.0 release (yeah, I know, it was a beta release) so I thought the project has matured enough.
I'm not sure if it did because I only ran it only for two hours; here are my observations:

Compositioning window manager, that is the most obvious change. Although not excessively used, I saw only transparency, window thumbnails and fading stuff. Compiz is still a better (fancier) alternative.
Ugly design, the taskbar is the ugliest and I could not find my favorite style "Light Style, 3rd revision" nor my favorite window decoration "Glow". In fact the design reminds me very much to Windows Vista. Yuck! Oh, and my favorite Konsole schema "Paper" is also missing. I have to work a lot with remote ssh shells and I find the paper schema very relaxing.
Unbearable K menu. I don't know why a menu should have a menu (or a tab bar, not sure) of it's own. I'm sick of people trying to force on me their ideas how I should organize my stuff, I can do it for myself. Anyway you reach everything more slowly because of the tab bar and the fixed size (which forces you to scroll even if you have a huge monitor).
No DCOP. I cannot live without a DCOP! I have like a hundred small scripts that control automatically my desktop. But I suppose I could rewrite them using DBUS...
Not every application is ported. I tried to open a file in Quanta using sftp and it did not work. Who knows what else would not work... I don't know why they had to rewrite the whole thing! DCOP could be a proxy to dbus if they suddenly love dbus so much; and why rewrite the whole ioslave system, it was fine the way it was.

So no KDE4 for me this time and I'm not sure what I will do when KDE3 will become obsolete.