what windows fans don't tell you about linux
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Hi all,

see this:-
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I'm of an option that *most of windows users don't even know what they
need to know* and, *or tell others about windows*. Simply, because
either they never tried Linux and, or Unix or they tried it lightly or
wanted that the Linux and, or Unix should also behave like windows for them.

*Linux and, or Unix is not Windows*, although projects like KDE, LXDE
and such are trying their best to imitate some of the things, but Linux
and, or Unix is never going to be a Windows ever, because the Linux and,
or Unix are based on a different philosophy, technology, needs and, or

More and more, windows proponents are quite quick at bashing about Linux
and ignoring a lots of basic and serious design flaws and, or obvious
short comings in the windows which have been or are being pointed out
since years in the Linux and, or Unix newsgroups.
2009-06-07 03:20 GMT   |   #3
Windows was designed for one reason only, to get your money. And line any
commercial product, its built to a economy of scale, you only get what you
pay for, or in the case of the trolls here, you only get what you pirate.

Linux was designed to be a Free Unix clone, money had nothing to do with it,
and it's as good as the designers can make it.