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2007-11-15 09:30 GMT   |   #1
I'm running slackware 11 and I've just upgraded xfce to version 4.4.1.
When I start xfce it appears to start but I only get a black screen
with a mouse. I have to shutdown the PC in order for me to get to a
prompt screen. Did I miss something in the upgrade? Any help would be
2007-11-15 22:02 GMT   |   #2
Wow. Lots of questions come to mind.

First, there is no official Xfce 4.4.1 package for Xfce, so how
did you upgrade to it? Did you:
1. Build from source, on module at a time?
2. Build from source with Pat's SlackBuild script (modified)?
3. Use the installer on Xfce's site?
4. Use an unofficial package?

If #1, then have fun - I'm not even going to try and debug it.

If #2, maybe.

If #3, uninstall it and we'll go from there - that installer is,
um, well, not what I'd recommend.

If #4, from what location? Ask the packager for to support his
packages. If that happens to be me, then I'm all ears. Smile

2007-11-16 03:17 GMT   |   #3
You have perhaps gone to a lot of trouble when Slackware _12_ has a
nicely packaged xfce 4.4.1 that workd brilliantly?

2007-11-16 05:49 GMT   |   #4
I used slapt-get and downloaded the following version:

xfce-4.4.1-i486-5 in slackware/xap
xfce (a fast and lightweight desktop environment for X)

xfce is a fast and lightweight desktop environment that is both
visually appealing and easy to use.
2007-11-16 10:28 GMT   |   #5
Did you run xwmconfig after the upgrade?
2007-11-16 23:23 GMT   |   #6
And another slapt-get user bites the dust.

Maybe you didn't understand when I said "there is no official
Xfce 4.4.1 package" (probably because I said "for Xfce" when
I mean to say "for Slackware 11"). In other words, you have
just told slapt-get to use a 12.0 package on 11.0. It's not
going to work, regardless of how many times you run xwmconfig
or various other things. It's built against libraries that
are not even present in Slackware 11
2007-11-16 23:24 GMT   |   #7
If you're implying that the person should *upgrade* to 12.0, then
yeah, good point. Otherwise, note that he's running 11.0, so the
12.0 package isn't going to work *AT ALL* - much less brilliantly.
2007-11-17 00:07 GMT   |   #8
Har! LOL! There's your problem.

This is what often happens when you use slapt-get. Hopefully a lesson
learned for you.

For you (other) n00bs who may be reading, if you want to use a "package
manager", please see tagline:
"Ubuntu" - an African word meaning "Slackware is too hard for me".
2007-11-17 01:26 GMT   |   #9
I need to clarify what I wrote here - as it could be interpreted
in a way that I didn't intend...
This is not to say that slapt-get did anything wrong. In fact,
it didn't - it did *exactly* what the user told it to do.
The user was at fault - not slapt-get.
2007-11-17 07:54 GMT   |   #10
This is just another example of why _all_ package managers cease to
be useful once the OS is actually installed.

Or again, because some of you are really thick, you should _never_
install a package on a system that is already up and running.

_Always_ compile from source. Always, unless, for some stupid
reason the source is not available, and then you should consider
whether you want the application on your system.

Always compile. Never use packages. Packages are for newbies and

cordially, as always

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