Blu-ray burn and playback on OpenSUSE
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2008-11-04 16:25 GMT   |   #1
They say minimum cpu speen is 3.0 ghz for blu-ray (BD) playing and
burning. Is that true for OpenSUSE too? Does K3B or Brasero burn BD? Do
the normal players like Mplayer, Totem , Kaffiene or XFmedia play BD's?

2008-11-04 23:25 GMT   |   #2
As far I know is K3b not capble to burn blu-ray yet.
dvd+rw-tools can do it

if i look at nerolinux3:
800 MHz Intel® Pentium® III processor, AMD Sempron™ 2200+ processors or
equivalent, 128 MB RAM

2008-11-05 00:25 GMT   |   #3
Nero is buggy... but it's the only graphical interface that
deals with BD media. I haven't tried to play anything (HD movie).
I have burnt data to some 25GB media.
2008-11-05 12:41 GMT   |   #4
From Sebastion Trug, the lead developer of K3B, in response to my query on
your behalf as to the ability of K3B to handle Blu-Ray disks:

"the next version for kde4 will. If it ever gets released... Sad"

So, assuming it does, that's when you'll be able to use K3B with your new
Blu-Ray unit...
2008-11-05 19:35 GMT   |   #5
Mplayer. You need a BD drive. LG sells a BD-R/HD DVD/DVD/CD drive
pretty cheap. Burning it likely takes place slower than reading it does
these days.

Then, you also need the kernel module for the file system type.

There is an Mplayer how-to on the PSUbuntu forums (search), but it is
for a PS3 Blue Ray player/computer. You also have to collect decryption
keys for each movie as folks posts them. This file is referenced by one
of the applets that run the codec which Mplayer uses.
2008-11-05 19:40 GMT   |   #6
The PS3 will play a movie under Ubuntu, but barely. This is due to it
being the equivalent to an old PPC series 3 or such, as well as Sony
handcuffing the video utilization while in Linux on the PS3, which
handcuffs the whole system, since there is only 256MB RAM,

So if it plays on that, one would think it could play on a bare bones,
minimum 2GB RAM, 3 year old AMD or Intel platform. Mine is that old, and
it plays back both HD formats just fine. I have no burn capacity.