SUSE 10.3: Network Scanner
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2009-01-21 07:20 GMT   |   #1
Hello all,

sorry about the question because I probably just missed the pointer to
the answer in the net.

I want to install a HP6310 Officejet to my SUSE10.3 using the Network.
Printing works fine.

Installing the scanner I didn't find in the HP-toolbox. hp-scan uses the
old USB connected one (other device) instead.

YAST told me, network scanners must be setup manually. To do this I
haven't any clue nor a procedure.

It's most likely quite easy and/or written somewhere already.
Can someone please tell me, where I can find it, or even answer?
2009-01-22 19:20 GMT   |   #2
Depends on what they mean by 'network scanner'.

Most network scanners I use are devices that are used much like a copier,
with the devices own buttons. No software needed. The result is sent by
email, or saved to a SMB share.

You need to check out the docs of the device first. If you find anymension
of SMB destinations, just create a share on your Linux machine and configure
the MF to use it.
2009-01-23 05:20 GMT   |   #3
Check with Yast if libsane-hpaio1 is installed. That should do the job (not
using this hardware, so it's a guess)
2009-02-01 07:20 GMT   |   #4
it's as simple as expected:

The installation of the scanner was done implicitly by the HP tools.
The only thing was: The scannner appeared after the next reboot.