mp3 player experiences with opensuse?
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2009-06-08 05:20 GMT   |   #1
After several hours of severe frustration with the philips gogear
audio/video player which isn't able to detect decently mp3 meta info, and
frustratingly even isn't able to sync correctly with the horrible windows
mediaplayer, the thing is thrown in the thrash. NEVER buy Philips gogear

I need a mp3 player which doesn't "update" the pieces in random order after
disconnecting because I need it for textual content. it would be nice if it
works with linux, because at work and at home I work 99% of my time with
Any good tips? I saw that creative zen4gb works with ubuntu, so I presume it
will also work with suse. anybody positive/negative experiences?

Other types which work well (apart from the simple usb stick types)?
2009-06-08 09:20 GMT   |   #2
I have three Sandisk Sansa e200 series that I use with linux. One is a bit
screwy and I have a hard time mounting its internal storage, although the
external microsd card is ok. The other two have been no trouble.

I use these for mp3 audiobooks and have had to figure out a few workarounds:

* They become confused by track numbers greater than 255, so I break up large
volumes into multiple folders. Maybe this is an id3 issue?

* The internal catalog is refreshed when you make changes, but the metadata is
not reread for file names which existed previously. It does not refresh
based on dates. So it is not enough to update metadata, you have to delete
and rename the files, dismount, mount and change the files back again,
dismount again.

I forget how smart the players are at resuming after being turned off, which
is pretty important in long book tracks. Probably not good enough because it
has been my habit to never turn them off. I leave them paused and on the
charger. I would guess a charge lasts 12-20 hours.
2009-06-08 09:20 GMT   |   #3
I know this may be slightly too obvious a comment, but my iPod (80 GB)
works like a charm. I feed and manage it through gtkpod, which doesn't
try any foul tricks behind my back.
The only thing that takes a wee bit of figuring out is how to manage
photos, podcasts or videos on there. You'll have to determine the
corresponding repo on the pod, I think. But for regular mp3 and reading
tags and sorting them etc. it's worry-free.
Apparently, you can manage the pod through Amarok as well. But somehow I
don't like that. gtkpod is more straightforward.
2009-06-08 13:20 GMT   |   #4
The Gogear is indeed no good Wink
But in the days that i had a goggear i was using amarok for syncing
You need to install "libmtp8"

Amarok did the job better than windows mediaplayer............
2009-06-08 13:20 GMT   |   #5
If you using KDE 4.x
do not use amarok 2.x, use amarok 1.4
the version 2 is not yet able to connect mediaplayers.