Does merging sites with 301 redirect improve SEO?
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2009-08-20 17:14 GMT   |   #1
I have two sites, a newer one that I made in phpBB, and an older one that I made myself with just coding.

The older one has some links going to it and a little bit of people going to it but I plan on getting rid of it, but I was wondering if I setup a .htaccess 301 permanent redirect for any requests to that site to go automatically to my new one, would that in any way improve my website rankings? For example, would all the links going to my old site now count as a links to my new site?(hence improving my rankings possibly?)
2009-08-20 19:12 GMT   |   #2

Assuming you moved the content then this would be perfectly fine. However if you just use it to refer people to different content on your new site you may find yourself penalised.
2009-08-20 19:58 GMT   |   #3
ohhhhh ok. :P Maybe i'll remove it.. It's somewhat of a different website, none of the pages are the same.. some of the content may have some of the same keywords though.. but there might be some 404 errors for some of the links... which i thought i might have corrected just by settings up a 404 custom documents htaccess thingy to redirect back to my homepage

But ya mainly the reason i wanted to do it is because there are other sites that are linking to my old one and i was thinking if i had the redirect that those links would actually be considered as a link to my new site improving it's SEO and improve my rankings.

So ya... probably just remove it eh? haha
2009-08-21 21:21 GMT   |   #4
I will only 301 within the site itself, I have many "catches" set up if the user accidentally types in the wrong url that is close enough to the right one, I will 301 them to the right page, and any search engine that for some reason had the wrong URL.

I have seen people completely not use 404s and just display the home page each time on the incorrect, I think this is a bad idea. ^_^ The header sent is 200, and the main index is shown on the "page" where the incorrect url was used. Google doesn't like that at all, they will see it as duplicate content.
2009-10-15 20:24 GMT   |   #5

You can sign up for google webmaster tools and it will give you a better idea of whats going on with the old urls. If the content is not the same then you won't get penalized for duplicate content at least.