suse versus ubuntu
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2009-09-24 19:20 GMT   |   #1
I have noticed a lot of outfits are using Ubuntu. Dell is offering it.
Anyone know how Ubuntu stacks up against Suse.
Wondering what the major differences are. I am still going to use Suse,
but have been thinking about putting Ubuntu on as a second OS and seeing
how it works. But what to get some input about it first. 
2009-09-24 19:20 GMT   |   #2
Ubuntu uses Gnome. Ubuntu, being based on Debian, uses Debian Package
Management. Ubuntu also releases versions on a schedule - in April and
October each year. AFAIK - they've only missed that once.
2009-09-24 20:09 GMT   |   #3
ubuntu for the desktop, openSuSE or CentOS for the server
in other words:
if you have $$$ and have no clue, get a MAC
if you have no $, and know your way, get Linux.
If you have $ $$ $$$, and want to throw it away, get Windows. 
2009-09-24 20:57 GMT   |   #4
Try a Ubuntu or Kubuntu [KDE] live CD to find out, they come in 32bit
and 64bit CD's; oh..and Xubuntu with Xfce desktop in either x86/amd64 as
live CD's. 
2009-09-24 21:20 GMT   |   #5
I have Ubuntu on two laptops that just would not go with openSUSE 11.1

I'd say that Ubuntu is far more Windows-like than I care for. Everything
is made simple, meaning that you have to do most things their way
and not your way.

But if all you are doing is surfing the web and reading newsgroups it
is just fine indeed. I'd not much care to have to write programs
on it. 
2009-09-24 23:20 GMT   |   #6
I haven't really had that feeling at all. For example, several ways to do
software installation/updates - from the command line or using synaptic
(which I prefer).
I wonder why - I've done a bit and did not find anything getting in my
2009-09-24 23:20 GMT   |   #7
Surprisingly, I have found little that Ubuntu would even boot on where
openSuse works perfectly. Knoppix seems to work with almost everything
thrown at it. 
2009-09-25 03:20 GMT   |   #8
pht: There's a KDE version of Ubuntu, too, not only Gnome.
2009-09-25 03:20 GMT   |   #9
Command line is available under openSUSE as well with zypper or YaST or
OCICLI or rpm or some other ways.

I never used synaptic, so what is the advantage (I understand that is a
personal view) of it over the GUI YaST installer?

paul and ray: I wonder why as well. You can even use the OBS to build stuff for it and
in general if you make software for Linux (and not are into package
building) there should be no huge difference.
configure && make && make install

Package building is something else though.
2009-09-25 05:20 GMT   |   #10
Running Ubuntu on one desktop and a notebook and SuSE 11.1 on another
desktop and doing mostly programming, I can't say the difference is
huge. Zypper is a bit more friendly than having to choose between
apt-get and apt-cache which doesn't accept command abbreviations.
synaptic is comparable to YaST for finding and installing software.
Overall, I have the impression that there is more available for Ubuntu
(but not much). I also think it is a bit easier to find canned
answers to problems for Ubuntu on the net in forums, howtos, etc.

Overall, I think I rate Ubuntu a bit higher than SuSE at the moment,
This is in part related to the KDE4 issues and in part because I had
less trouble getting all hardware to run on Ubuntu. 

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