Kids reading
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2009-07-23 08:08 GMT   |   #1

My friends forward this clip to me. It is soooooooo incredible!!! :shock:
I can't believe that the first kids was less than one-year-old.
He was so smart and lovely I've ever seen.
2009-07-24 09:52 GMT   |   #2
That's really amazing!I didn't know that! :shock:
2009-07-25 23:25 GMT   |   #3
Wow! He's smart!
2009-07-27 17:07 GMT   |   #4

I suppose it's good but they will need to learn grammar as well. That's a little more complicated.
2009-08-02 16:32 GMT   |   #5
Thanks for the link, euston.

Monkeys can be trained to do what the nine month old was doing. However, I think the other kids in the video where MAKING SENSE of what they were reading.

Remember Alex, the African gray parrot?

He could make sense.
2009-08-02 18:26 GMT   |   #6

There is a Gorrilla that knows sign language and how to paint. He paints badly, however and likes the word nipple for no particular reason. :lol:
2009-08-03 03:45 GMT   |   #7