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Hi, I was looking for a server monitoring tool and I found an interesting one at
They are giving a trial period while you can use all the features for free, unfortunately I used the 'server' monitor only and I was busy testing my own applications performance with the personal modules they give for developers.
Meanwhile the trial period ended and I would like to know if there is anybody using this tool already and what is the experience with it ?
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Hi weasel

I am using to monitor a set of servers running a gps tracking service. I've also tried the personal module you've talked about  to monitor my own daemons but that's not the only advantage of this server monitor. It helped me optimize the postgres databases our service runs on, mainly the autovacuum parameters but others too (storage parameters for tables etc). It also helped me configure the apache pool size and with the help of a personal module I could create a pretty good apache load balancer.
This "personal module" is a pretty good idea, because you (as a programmer) don't have to worry about creating charts. There are many libraries available but you can waste a lot of time learning how to use them, and you have to pay anyway for the good ones. Also you don't have to worry that your monitoring application will affect your server, because the monitoring data is not stored on your hard drive.
So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with

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Hi weasel
I have never tried the personal module but for me the server, apache, mysql and the disk i/o modules are very helpful.
They help me decide when I need to move around some virtual hosts if one of my servers become overloaded.
Also the realtime SMS alerts are neat!

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