Opinions about KDE 4 - second glance
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2012-02-16 18:40 GMT   |   #1

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Almost two years has passed since that article. In that time I used a lot of Gnome2 and some XFCE but I cannot say I was satisfied.
So I thought I start this year with a fresh linux, i.e. a KDE4 on a Kubuntu.
Let's see how KDE4 evolved since my last post:
  • Compositioning Manager: it becomes nicer every day. Although it is still not as configurable as compiz (and maybe never will be) it looks really-really good and uses less resources.
  • Ugly design - not so ugly anymore. My favorite KDE3 styles are still not ported but there are other nice styles. And in Konsole you can set up a transparent background which is also nice. It will be even nicer when it will use the "blur" plugin.
  • Unbearable K menu - I learned to live with it. By the way a traditional K menu is also available, but I still use The new K menu because the new has a Favorites section which is nice. Kinda like a quicklaunch. The "Applications" tab is still not very comfortable but I don't use it much thanks to the search functionality.
  • No DCOP - well... dbus is just as good.
  • BUGS in multihead setup especially in global shortcuts - for example Alt+Tab is completely unusable.
Anyway, we can say that KDE4 has matured and I'm sticking with it for now.